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I’ll get back to my journey this coming weekend, but I had an interesting experience this week that I felt I needed to address.

I’ve been consistently going to the gym 4-5 (and sometimes 6 or 7) days a week since January.  I’ve felt good.  I’ve felt motivated.  I’ve felt energetic.  Of course, I’ve had a few “off days” where I haven’t felt 100%, but I keep pushing.  This entire week has felt like one of those off days.  Monday, we worked legs, which is admittedly a weak point for me.  Tuesday was upper body and I usually don’t have an issue on chest/arms day, but (again) it’s one of those weeks.  Wednesday, we were off.  Thursday was core day – another weak spot for me.

All week, I’ve struggled.  My hips hurt, my shoulders hurt, my shins and calves hurt.  It was just a shit week.

Ok – So, the title of this post is “Nutrition.”  Let me get to the point.  Normally, I can feel a major difference in my workouts when I eat clean vs when I don’t (I’ll get into particulars at a later date, but I like FUCKING LOVE burgers and pizza – I think that sums it up).  This week, I’ve been eating right and I’ve still felt like shit.  Last night, we went to the local Food Truck Event.  There is no “clean eating” at a food truck event – I’m convinced.  I had a butter burger with bacon and a side of fries from the Wholesome Rollers Food Truck as my main course and a bunch of mini-donuts covered in powdered sugar and chocolate from Dough Dough’s Donuts for desert.  This is not eating clean, people, but it’s damned good.

I felt FUCKING GREAT at this morning’s workout.  How does that happen?  Eat great: Feel like shit.  Eat horribly: Feel like the HULK.  I know it takes some time for your body to digest and such, but it’s usually pretty quick for me.  Normally, if we have pizza the night before a workout, I feel it the next morning.  Not the case this time around…

Now, I’m no nutritionist, but this just sounds odd.  Maybe next week I’ll eat like shit and see what happens…worth a shot, no?


And So It Begins…

Posted: June 3, 2015 in OCR, Weight Loss
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That tall order I told you about?  The one where I had to find exercise I enjoyed that didn’t FEEL like exercise?  That order got filled.

About a mile from my house sat a newer gym that marketed itself as a boxing and MMA fitness facility for EVERYBODY – fit, fat, young, old, etc.  Both boxing and MMA interested me so I figured it might be a place for me.  I grew up in the Tyson era with a father who loved the sport.  It certainly isn’t the most glorified era, but damn was it entertaining.  I spent hours playing Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out just waiting for King Hippo’s shorts to fall so I could punch him in the face (any 80s kid knows punching him in the band-aid only made him laugh at you and piss you off further).  As I got older, MMA became popular and how could I not be interested in watching guys beat the shit out of each other with reckless abandon?

Somehow, I managed to forget the time that I had taken a free class at another local MMA gym and swore never to return because I couldn’t move for a week.  I put off signing up at this newer gym a bit (see: procrastination) until a colleague at work said that he had been there and highly recommended it.  So, when payday rolled around, I called and spoke to one of the trainers.  I signed up over the phone and showed up the following Monday morning at 6am ready to kick ass in the conditioning class…or get my ass kicked trying.

This was a one hour sweat-fest full of people at all different fitness levels.  15 minutes in, I thought I was going to die.  The trainer, Alex, pushed me to keep going.  Nobody was judgmental at all and everyone pushed me to keep going.  I got through it, modifying plenty of the exercises, and completed my first class without puking (barely).  I went back Wednesday for more of the same and found myself enjoying it.  A few weeks in, I was able to keep up and complete the workouts without wanting to die and I was starting to see results.  Plus, I felt better both physically and mentally.  I officially found a form of exercise that I enjoyed!  I was hooked – and I hadn’t even considered the wonderful world of obstacle course racing…