The Journey Continues…

Posted: June 8, 2015 in Fitness, Health
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I promised in my last post that I’d get back on track with the story…so here goes.

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As fate would have it, a month or two after joining the gym,the boot camp instructor that Kelly had been working with moved over to my gym to take over the program there. She asked me if I was okay with her joining at what she considered MY gym. Now, we can all get a little territorial (insert chest thumping and peeing on things here), but I had no issues with it. “Of COURSE you can come to MY gym, babe. Just don’t start making me look bad.” Or something like that.

Here’s where things get a fun little twist. We spent each morning after class comparing notes on what our workouts were and it got a little competitive at times. “We did 40 burpees!”  “Oh, yeah?  We pushed a car!”  You know…the usual.

Sometime in August/September, I took a hiatus from the gym. I was in the process of starting a new business and funds were tight. It was unfortunate, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices in life. It was tough not going to the gym. Ok, I’m lying – it was pretty easy, actually. I slept in, I ate like a pig, and I generally enjoyed it except feeling like a fat shit again.

In November, I started getting tired of feeling like crap again so I went back to the gym.  I picked up where I left off and started feeling good again, but something was missing and I didn’t know it.  I was speaking to a co-worker and mentioned that I had started training again.  He asked me what I was training for.  Nobody had ever asked me that before and I didn’t have an answer.  It made me start looking for something to train for.

And thus begins the journey of medal-chasing, shenanigans, and a little something called Peer Pressure.  Tune in next time for where the fun truly begins and shit gets serious.

*Note for those following last week’s post about nutrition:  I have been challenged to “eat whatever I want and record the results.”  Thus far, it’s been going well.  There will be a post at the end of the week documenting my “horrible” diet and its affect on my performance.


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